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Every evening, the muses retire for another web scouring, searching for the best sights to support game, fiction, and comix fans.

If you have one that's provided support, laughter, or insight to you, please forward it.


the Muses

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Games One of the best all around RPG sites with mucho free downloads. Looking for that rare character sheet from a game purchased in 1970?  These people may just have it for download. Issaries, Inc. now produces a new rpg set in the old Runequest World (everyone remember the game destroyed by the now defunct Avalon Hill?).  Haven't played it, but they are producing more source material for the world of Glorantha. Wizards of the Coast home page.  This is for all you D&D people (haven't played the new version, but I never liked the old) Ysgarth is a very detailed playing system (much beyond the simple mechanics of GE RPG or even D & D), but the system is flexible and more realistic as well.  If you have the time, check it out. The system is underrated. 


Bluebear's Warhammer Ancient Campaign Rules Great site if you're looking for source material or the adjusted rules for warhammer. Great source for all things play by mail.  Both free and paid games as well as email and snail mail are listed.


Comix Excellent 'style'.


Grand daddies of the comic industry.  Lots to see and do at each site. Very Mainstream though. Content is mature (not sex, just not for kids) but well produced.  Several separate short comic stories available to read. Everything you ever wanted to know about the business of being a cartoonist. Free online comic books to read.  Includes Buzzboy (a daily strip), which i personally, find very entertaining. Resource for many different styles and genres of online comics. Great Publisher with such stories as the Tick and Hellboy available.


Fiction This site lists nearly every sci-fi/ fantasy magazine in print or working on-line.  Great place to start browsing. One of the best on-line non-professional sites on the web.  Several stories available to read online and only online.




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