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What is D6 RPG, you say.  Well...

  D6 RPG: chaos, mutilated characters, and pretzels. . .that's how to play. 


Role Playing Games come in many flavors; from the traditional hack-em slash-em fantasy to the Wagnerian Space Operas and mind shattering horror. Regardless of the genre, all these games are built on simple premise (to make money?): to entertain.

The best and worst of most game systems are the details it uses to bring the world the adventures inhabit to life. Hours of unwieldy rules, dice rolling, and mind numbing tables result in a fleshed out character that players watch destroyed by a ruthless GM in moments.

Many RPGs on the market require hours of play to accomplish even the most mundane task. 

Sure, rolling a hand full of dice to determine whether the meat searing over the camp fire is properly braised increases realism, but it doesn’t progress the story (unless the meat in question belongs to an enemy or an elf—ew, the muses hate elves). 

We have jobs that have nothing to do with the game industry. Its actually paid, responsible work with families waiting in the wings to exploit our remaining free time with things like: "Bar-B-Qs" and "Rummage Sales" and (shudder) "Quality Time with senile Aunt Lucy". 

We need RPGs that are down and dirty: A quick learning curve for the rules, quick character generation, and quick play time. Was help available.  Some stub candles, symbols drawn in red cool-aid, and copious helpings of greasy pizza solved our problems.

The muses were summoned.

The muses (Moepeles, Larryanus, & Bob) came up with the D6 System and its first finished creation: D6 RPG.  D6 RPG is: free, easy to learn, and can be played in an afternoon or evening. Did we mention free?

Is this concept original? No. 

Are these the best games on the market? (cheapest maybe, but...) no. 

So why should I bother? Maybe you shouldn’t. But...

If you want a fast, fun, and free game . . .







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