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Here at the Hill (a subsidiary of Mt. Olympus, LTD.), the muses have been busy crafting some other-worldly stuff to entertain the masses.  Enjoy


Products a'Go'Go

The Short March

As you can see, the summer has come and the muses are sitting on there laurels (they particularly like when their thorny).  We promised d6 Campaign would be ready, but...(more)...

d6 RPG

d6 Hero: Truth, Justice, & Men in Red Spandex

Appendix A: Fumbles & Criticals

A Call to the Mountain

So many of you have written in with praise to the dirty little muses in their dirty little cave thinking their dirty little thoughts, that they've actually demanding extra gruel.

To offset what you've done to our overhead, we're asking for ideas.  If you written an addendum, a monster, a campaign with the d6 system.  Share it with us. Go. 

Bestiary Appendix B: Character Histories

Bye Bye GE 

We've revamped and put the finishing touches on the initial d6 RPG (formally known as GE RPG).

Go have a look (you peeping tom, you know you want to--look under our code). Go Here


Appendix C: Equipment    

We've lost it

Several people have been asking for the old GE Hero character generator. . . well, it seems to have gone awol.  (more)...

d6 Campaign

Legal Gnome Notice

Feel free to peruse all that you find.  Just remember, the Legal Gnomes have specified that all materials be copyrighted by 3Muse; feel free to use what you want, but don't reprint it without giving credit to 3Muse. Other than that, feel free to copy and distribute to your hearts content.






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