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Appendix C: Weapon & Equipment

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Appendix C: Weapons & Gadgets

"F&^* Cue, what do you mean were out of explosive drink umbrellas?"

What would James Bond be without Cue's gadgets?  A man-whore with a diseased liver.  

Gadgets and equipment, you gotta have'em.

That's why the three muses held up in their cell, er, office and created Appendix C.  Now, you've got big swords, big guns, and big shields (and a minor inferiority complex since the fascination with 'big' gadgets).

Appendix C Includes

bulletMalfunction Results
bulletWeapons lists for all genres (archaic, modern, future)
bulletArmor lists for all genres (archaic, modern, future)
bulletMisc. Gadgets
bulletA complete system of rules for creating new gadgets!
bulletRules for gadget design flaws


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