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  Moe, Larry, and Bob the Account-temp (the 3 muses) welcome you!

Here at the Hill (a subsidiary of Mt. Olympus, LTD.), the muses have been busy crafting some other-worldly stuff to entertain the masses. 

Feel free to peruse all that you find.  Just remember, the Legal Gnomes have specified that all materials be copyrighted by 3Muse; feel free to use what you want, but don't reprint it without giving credit to 3Muse. Other than that, feel free to copy and distribute to your hearts content.



Version 1.2 has a whole new look!

While fast at work on the supplement's to GE RPG, the muses have had time to make a printable copy of GE RPG available via email and soon it will be posted on the web page.  The rulebook includes missing elements from what's currently available on-line and looks great!

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NEW!  GE Bestiary

For the animal lovers, here's some samples from the upcoming GE Bestiary:



NEW! Appendix B: Quick Character Histories

Want to discover your character's secrete past? Bonus, personality flaws, and hobbies await.  Good for all genres

Appendix A: Combat Tables

For those blood thirsty gamers out there, here is a series of tables that complement the GE RPG, but are suitable for any role-playing system.

GE Campaign

The muses are being chained to the gaming table to finish up their own version of minature campaign rules (they are being force fed public school cafeteria gruel until they comply.  Moe and Larry are working harder than ever; Bob kinda likes the gruel).  Available summer of 2001.


Same Old Crap

Interested in the 3Muses' very own time-killer?  Try G.I.G, Great Ideas in Gaming, for the latest role playing game (rpg) creations by 3Muse:  Fun, Easy, and Free.


GE Edge:  Horror role-playing where monsters hunt monsters and hope they're not discovered.


GE Hero:  Super-hero role-playing where the tights need to be red to hide the blood.



Apologies All Around

To those of you who have tried to download GE RPG V1.2 unsuccessfully, we here at the Mount apologize.  (You can access the page by clicking on the hyperlink though)

Those worthless goblins handling the webmastering of this page can't quite get it together, but we will happily send you a copy of the rules via email (small files--less than 1 meg).




We've added a search engine for the site (pretty hopeful that we'll add enough content that you'll need it, but...)

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