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It’s like this…


GE stands for Game Engine, RPG stands for Role-Playing Game, and D6 stands for a die 6 or a six-sided die, ICBM stands for inter-continental ballistic missile, McD's #4 stands for a McDonald's super value meal number 4 (cheeseburger) ... er... start over.



d6 RPG

d6 Campaign


Our Mission

3Muse was built on the back of free, non-human slave labor.


No! The three muses:  Moepeles, Larryanus, and Bob.

(Aren't there nine? And aren't they women?)

Er..well, yes, but theses muses came highly recommended,

(From who?)

Some graffiti on a bathroom stall at Denny's.

(Well, that is quite a recommendation.  Isn't Wizards of the Coast looki--)

LISTEN!  This is free.  When was the last time WOC gave away something? Huh?

(Yeah, so what.  What do I get from bathroom muses?  Scented toilet paper?)

We give you some basic rules, lots of optional tables in different appendices to help with tweaking players’ already taunt nerves, and you give us feedback—let us know how you like it and what you’ve come up with. No fees, no charges, and no strings.

All you need to bring to the table is a handful of six-sided dice (keep the colored gems at home or in your dice bag), some paper, and some pencils. 

Feel free to share, make extra copies. . .whatever, just give us credit and don’t try to sell it.



Contact Information

Telephone:  We don't allow calls to the muses (gives them the belief that someone cares...)

FAX:  See above.


Electronic-gobli-land mail:

Company Profile

3Muse is a fortune five-hundred company (meaning we don't have even five hundred dollars) built around the premise that role-playing games, minature battles, and board games rock (hoody-hoo) but cost way too much (no freakin' lie).




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